Curious Journey by Timothy O’Grady and Kenneth Griffith


IRA and Cumann na mBan Volunteers, Labour, women, language activists and militant republicans rose together against British rule in Ireland in the revolutionary days that included Easter 1916, the Tan War and the Civil War. Curious Journey is the tale of that tumultuous and tragic period told by men and women who lived it.

Nine republican veterans who lived into old age talk about their struggle and the tortuous complexities of a post-Treaty divided Ireland. Their testimony was recorded at a time when war again raged in Ireland in the north-east, a war hauntingly like the one of their youth.

Originally based on a banned film, this new and revised eyewitness history of Ireland’s unfinished revolution is published on its fortieth anniversary.

‘superb insight into the founding of the Irish nation … This is Irish history at its best, told by the men and women who lived it.’

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