Alderman Joseph MacDonagh, TD


Tipperary in the Decade of Revolution: Alderman Joseph MacDonagh, TD

Tipperary's Forgotten Revolutionary Politician?


Author Gerard Shannon

Unlike his more famous oldest brother, 1916 leader Thomas MacDonagh, the story of Alderman Joseph MacDonagh, TD and has been largely forgotten. He has been referred to as 'one of the greatest young Irishman of his day' by a comrade and 'as one of the most bitter opponents of the Treaty' by an obituary on his death. His part in events of Ireland from the aftermath of 1916 Rising to his death during the Civil War after an illness during imprisonment reveal a devoted republican for the cause of Irish freedom. This biography of a Sinn Féin activist, councilor, TD, Minister for Labour, director of the Belfast Boycott, as well as a political prisoner going on hunger strike three times reveal a charismatic, fascinating figure whose story has remained obscured until now.

Gerard Shannon is a historian from Skerries in north county Dublin. His next book, a biography of IRA Chief-of-Staff, General Liam Lynch, will be released from Merrion Press in March 2023.

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