Wolfe Tones - The Platinum Collection - 3 CD


DISC 1. The Green Collection

1. Teddy Bear's Head
2. Grace
3. God Save Ireland
4. Lough Sheelin Eviction
5. The Helicopter
6. Children of Fear
7. Celtic Symphony
8. Joe Mc Donnell
9. Go Home British Soldiers
10.Sunday Bloody Sunday
11.Plastic Bullets
12.The Devil is Dead
13.You'll Never Beat The Irish Part 1

DISC 2. The White Collection

1. The Streets of New York
2. This Is The Day
3. Come Out Ye Black and Tans
4. Danny Boy
5. On The One Road
6. Tyrone
7. Let The People Sing
8. My Heart Is In Ireland
9. Star Of The County Down
10.Irish Eyes
11.Hot Asphalt
13.Dreams of Home
14.You'll Never Beat The Irish Part 2

DISC 3. The Orange Collection 

1. The Patriot Game 
2. The Orange And The Green
3. Men Behind The Wire
4. Lament For The Lost
5. Protestant Men
6. Hill Of Glenswilly Donegal
7. The Partition Song
8. Highland Paddy
9. The Sash Me Father Wore
10.Only Our Rivers Run Free
11.Sean South/Broad Black Brimmer
12.A Nation Once Again
13.You'll Never Beat The Irish Part 3

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