Wolfe Tones - Celtic Symphony (3CD)


CD 1

1. We're on the One Road
2. Streets of New York
3. Padraic pearse
4. Irish Eyes are Smiling
5. Sunday Bloody Sunday
6. Fermanagh
7. Down By The Glenside
8. Quare Things In Dublin
9. Women of Ireland
10.The Star of the County Down
11.Danny Boy
12.The Orange and the Green
13.Dreams of Home
14.The Irish Soldier Laddie
15.In Belfast
16.The Live Medley from Cork and Belfast 1. Never Beat The Irish 2. Sean South 3. Broad Black Brimmer 4. Celtic Symphony

CD 2

1. Celtic Symphony
2. Joe McDonnell
3. Men Behind the Wire
4. Banna Strand
5. The Crossing
6. The Connaught Rangers
7. Green Glens of Antrim
8. My Heart is in Ireland
9. This the Day
10.Patriot Game
11.Bold Robert Emmett
12.Only our Rivers Run Free
14.Lament for the Lost
15.Let the People Sing
16.Up The Rebels Dance Mix 1. Teddy bears Head 2. Helicopter Song 3. Sean South 4. A Nation Once Again

CD 3 (Bonus Tracks)

1. The Reel
2. Boston Rose
3.Teddy Bears' Head
4. Broad Black Brimmer
5. We Are The Irish
6. A Nation Once Again
7. Celtic Dreams
8. Chicago
9. Ireland My Ireland
10.Never Beat The Irish

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