Tírghrá - Fallen IRA Volunteers and Republican Activists


This book is in memory of the 364 Republicans whose names are on the Irish Republican Roll of Honour. These men and women, Volunteers in Óglaigh Na h-Éireann (IRA), Cumman Na mBan (Women's IRA), Fianna Éireann (Republican Youth Organisation), and members of Sinn Féin gave their lives in the cause of Irish Freedom.

The book tells the story of each of them.

They did not seek favour or glory, and irrespective of personal sacrifice, pledged their lives in service of the Republic.

This book is dedicated to their memory, and to their families, who have borne loss with dignity and pride.

These pages are a small testimony of the high esteem in which Republicans at home and abroad hold our fallen comrades and their families.

“….In 1969 a new generation of Republicans took up the same cause and as these pages testify, paid a terrible price. Each and every one of them was a cherished family member and friend, and we must remember that each death broke another hundred hearts. We must not, we will not, forget them or their families. This book tells their story but it is neither the whole story or indeed the end. This struggle must continue until we realise the dreams and aspirations of our fallen comrades.” Joe Cahill.

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