The Wrong Man By Danny Morrison


Hunger strikers are dying and passions are high. Belfast, 1981. Young Thomas ‘Tod’ Malone is in awe of leading IRA fighter and recently-released political prisoner, Raymond Massey. Tod joins the IRA which is in a deadly war with British undercover soldiers and the RUC Special Branch as each side tries to outwit the other

The two IRA men’s families – their partners Roisin and Sal – also bear the brunt of suffering: the military raids and arrests, the humiliations and abuse, and the social deprivation that comes with sacrifice.

When IRA operations go wrong the organisation becomes convinced that there is a traitor in its ranks working for the enemy. But who? And why? And how?

This is a riveting political thriller about war, morality, love and deceit

Danny Morrison began writing The Wrong Man in prison towards the end of serving an eight-year sentence for the kidnapping of an IRA informer, a conviction that was later overturned. He now writes full-time and is a regular media commentator on politics and the arts.

“a powerful evocation of betrayal, deceit and guilt” Oxford Companion to Irish Literature
“a novel that should come to be regarded as one of the most important books of the Troubles” The Belfast Telegraph
“a powerful and complex piece of storytelling” Sunday Times

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