The Story of Kevin Barry - By Seán Cronin

"In Mountjoy Jail one Monday morning..." 
Kevin Barry’s name flashed around the world when the 18-year-old IRA Volunteer was executed in Mountjoy Jail on 1st November 1920. The British government refused all appeals for reprieve but Barry remained defiant and urged his comrades to: ‘Stick to the Republic’ 
The late Seán Cronin’s book is a classic of Irish Republican history writing and is republished for the Centenary or Kevin Barry’s execution.

“His great courage, and the manner in which he died became an inspiration to his comrades who were still fighting the terrorist forces of the British occupation. And it is hoped it will continue to be down the years until the day when this island of ours will be a free and united Nation” – Tom Barry, 1965 Foreword

“Kevin Barry urged his comrades to ‘stick to the Republic’. His commitment was to the Republic of all Ireland, free and united, in which the people would be sovereign. That is still the commitment of Irish Republicans today” – Mary Lou McDonald, 2020 Foreword 


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