TERENCE MacSWINEY: In his own words


This year marks the Centenary of the death on hunger strike of the Sinn Féin Ardmhéara of Cork Terence MacSwiney.

In October 1920 he died in Brixton Prison in London and his two comrades Joseph Murphy and Michael Fitzgerald died in Cork Prison.

Terence MacSwiney was arrested by British crown forces at Cork City Hall in August 1920 and immediately began a hunger strike to demand his release.

He wrote that “not all the armies of all the Empires of earth can crush the spirit of one true man”.

60 years later in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh Bobby Sands said:

“They have nothing in their entire imperial arsenal to break the spirit of one single Republican Political Prisoner of War who refuses to be broken.”

This booklet tells the story of 'one true man' - Terence MacSwiney in his own words, as well as many photographs.

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