Michael J Murphy: Seanchaí, Sage and Citizen By Gerry Adams TD



Cuimhneamh is a ‘living history’ archive based in Ti Chulainn Cultural Centre, Maphoner, An
Mullach Ban, South Armagh.
The aim of this project, which has been in existence since 2005, is to compile an extensive
and ongoing archive of people’s memories and experiences from the early twentieth century
to the present day, with particular emphasis on the periods of conflict.
Audio/visual interviews are conducted with a wide spectrum of people to provide an oral
history of the border area. These interviews are combined with documents and photographs.
Since its foundation, the organisation has undertaken more than fifty interviews in South
Armagh, North Louth and South Monaghan and has been closely involved with the Murphy
family in having the personal papers of Michael J. Murphy placed in PRONI, where they are
being digitised and will, in the future, be available in both PRONI and Ti Chulainn Cultural
Since his centenary in 2013, Cuimhneamh has, by organising the annual Michael J. Murphy
Winter School, commemorated this renowned folklorist, writer, broadcaster and socialist
republican, who compiled the largest collection of oral tradition ever collected by a single
individual in the English-speaking world.
Cuimhneamh has been privileged to have been able, with the support of the Murphy
family, to help to popularise the work of this great man and this year is especially honoured
to have had the keynote lecture delivered by Gerry Adams TD.

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