James Connolly (The Irish Rebel) A Working Class Hero, is a comprehensive insight to the life of James Connolly. The film traces Connolly’s life from his childhood in the squalor of the slums in Edinburgh to his execution in Killmainham in May 1916.This documentary illustrates a man who worked single mindedly for a decent, just and free life for workers everywhere. It reveals how Connolly was unique among his comrades; a self taught scholar, a Socialist and the Labour leader of Ireland.Contributors include: Eamon Gilmore, Fintan O’Toole, Francis Devine, Ross Connolly, Owen Dudley Edwards, Professor Fergus A D’Arcy and Dick Spring among others.The documentary includes musical contributions from Christy Moore, Andy Irvine, Adrian Dunbar, Paul Cleary and Jimmy Kelly. International film star Colm Meaney reads from Connolly’s work & letters.

Tracklisting CD

1. The Freemen - James Connolly

2. Dominic Behan - Kevin Barry

3. Tommy Makem - The Foggy Dew

4. The Freemen - Boys of the Old Brigade

5. Dominic Behan - The Patriot Game

6. Galway City Ramblers - Four Green Fields

7. Dominic Behan - The Patriot Game

8. Liam Clancy - The Croppy Boy

9. Dominic Behan - The Merry Plowboy

10. Dublin Folk Band - Johnston's Motor Car

11. The Freemen - The Battle of Ashtown Road

12. Dominic Behan - Barry's Column

13. Austin Gaffney - The Dying Rebel

14. Dublin Folk Band - Grace

15. Dominic Behan - Kerry

16. Teresa Duffy - Shall My Soul Pass Through Old Ireland

17. Dominic Behan - Sean Tracy

18. The Freemen - Sean South

19. Terry O'Neill - A Nation Once Again

20. Diarmuid O'Neill - Irish Soldier Boy

21 Dominic Behan - Soldiers of the Rearguard

22. The Irish National Anthem


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