Éamonn Ceannt 1916 Centenary Badge


This Éamonn Ceannt 1916 Centenary badge, is the third in a series of the seven signatories, of the 1916 Easter Proclamation. Each badge will have the signatory and where they were stationed during the rising. We will produce the other six between now and 2016. This set will become a valuable collectors item in the future so make sure to start collecting now.


Eamonn Ceannt (1881-1916)
Born in Galway in 1882, and son of a RIC officer, Ceannt was in command of the South Dublin Union post in 1916, After leaving school, he joined the Gaelic League in 1900 and founded the Dublin Pipers’ Club. He also worked as an accountant with a salary of £300 a year in the City Treasurer’s Office, Dublin Corporation. After taking part in the 1914 Howth gun running, Ceannt was a founder member of the Irish Volunteers and a signatory of the Proclamation. It is told that during the fighting in the South Dublin Union he remained calm and brave and gentle still, he faced the firing-squad in Kilmainham on May 8, 1916.

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