An Phoblacht Magazine Second Edition


Among the articles in this edition is an exclusive article from Sinn Féin vice president Michelle O’Neill, on Brexit, and the impact of DUP and British Government failures to implement the Good Friday Agreement in Ireland.  Gerry Adams and Caoimhe Ni Shluain remember Joe Reilly and his 48 years of political activism.

Former political prisoner and TD for Louth, Paddy Agnew finally made it to Leinster House 37 years after being elected.

Foyle MLA and hunger striker Raymond McCartney offers a unique insight into the motivations for political activism and the challenges we face today. Another former political prisoner, Jake MacSiacais, offers an insight too into the changing political environment between the 1970s and today.

There are also articles on corruption, the dire situation in Gaza  and the implications for Catalonian independence following the establishment of a new minority government in Spain.

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