An Phoblacht Magazine March 2022(1)


The first issue of An Phoblacht for 2022 is on sale now!

History – personal, political, controversial and challenging is a key feature in this issue of An Phoblacht magazine.

Also in this issue;

- Eoghan Mac Cormaic’s ‘Pluid: Stories From the H-Blocks’ is a jail journal of a republican prisoner on the blanket.

- Peadar Whelan writes on collusion hiding in plain sight - the report from the Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman Marie Anderson that deals with RUC and British Secret Service collusion in UDA/UFF killings of nationalists.

- Emma Sheerin tackles another aspect of marginalised history, that of the origins and culture of gender-based violence. Women’s Aid figures of 244 violent deaths of Irish women since 1996 is proof of a history of misogyny and gender-based violence and discrimination that must be faced up to by us all.


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