The 'Pitchfork' Murders: Uncovering the Cover-Up

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On the 23 October 1972 the mutilated bodies of two Fermanagh men were discovered at a farmhouse in Newtownbutler. Originally believed to have been a loyalist killing carried out with a pitchfork, three members of the British Army's Argylls 'D' Delta Company were jailed for the killings almost ten years later.

Michael Naan (31) had his throat slashed and was restrained by one soldier as another stabbed him 17 times with a six-inch Bowie knife. Andrew Murray (23) was held down by soldiers and turned over as they stabbed him 13 times in the chest and back. Neither of the men had any political involvement.

In this publication to mark the 40th anniversary of the murders, local historian Brian MacDonald conducts extensive research into official records, news reports, British Army documents and conversations between soldiers. The research uncovers a massive conspiracy on behalf of the British state and military to prevent the truth from emerging.


NOTE: Profits from this publication in aid of Cancer Research

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2 Reviews

3rd Jan 2013


More covered up abuse is revealed. WE all hope that real justice will prevail and that those who sinned so much against the republican community will get their just desserts. Good book which is well worth the cost.

sean martin 20th Nov 2012

more info for what we already knew in Fermanagh

Brilliant stuff on what was really happening to the people of this part of the island of Ireland and which was covered up by the higher levels of the ruling and faceless establisment

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