'The Fenians Were Dreadful Men': The 1867 Rising

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In February and March 1867, the Fenian Brotherhood staged a series of small revolts throughout Ireland, with the intention of disrupting British rule in Ireland. Although the rising failed to make a significant impact, it kept the flame of Irish republicanism burning.

The Fenians were Dreadful Men tells the story of the foundation of the Fenian Brotherhood both in Ireland and America, and charts the events of the rising with particular emphasis on the key areas of Counties Kerry and Limerick. Infiltrated by British spies and let down by their American supporters, the rising itself was confused and uncoordinated, and it was doomed to failure. Despite this, the 1867 rising and the Fenian movement kept the dream of Irish independence alive and inspired future Irish rebels to win Ireland’s freedom.

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1 Review

David Slattery. 9th Dec 2013

Most Enlightening book.

I found many interesting facts of which I was completely unaware before reading this excellent book.

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