The Diary of Bobby Sands - 40th Anniversary Edition



The first seventeen days of Bobby Sands’ H-Block hunger strike to the death, written by Bobby and smuggled out of the prison, with a new Foreword by Brendan (Bik) McFarlane, who was on the same wing in H3 with Bobby, and the original Introduction by Danny Morrison.


This new edition, corrected against the original handwritten English and Irish manuscript for the first time since 1981, is re-published for the fortieth anniversary of the H-Block hunger strike.


The new edition is A5 size and has a new colour cover. It also includes new enhanced colour photos of the 10 men who died in the H-Blocks as well as Michael Gaughan and Frank Stagg.


Includes footnotes to help those new to Bobby’s writings better understand aspects of the protests in the H-Blocks and Armagh Jail and some of the politics of the day.

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