The Battle for Limerick City


Battle For Limerick City descibes the full story of the vicious battle between Republican and Provisional Government forces for control of Limerick city. The Civil War arrived in Limerick with a whimper rather than a bang. Outnumbered and out-gunned, the pro-Treaty commander of the city, Michael Brennan, negotiated a truce with the Chief-of-Staff of the much stronger anti-Treaty force, Liam Lynch. The benefit of this lull in fighting accrued almost entirely to the pro-Treaty side. They gained time for reinforcements and weaponry to arrive and when they did, the city because a battleground of extreme viciousness. Several buildings were shelled by 18-pounder guns at point blank range. The fighting around the Strand barracks was particulary heavy. In this new book on the victory of the Free State troops in Limerick, Padraig O Ruairc offers a fresh perspective on the struggle that reduced the viability of the Republican's hoped for 'Munster Republic' and set the stage for the battle of Kilmallock, which turned the tide of the Civil War in favour of the pro-Treaty forces. ""This volume presents a new perspective on the battle for Limerick city to be enjoyed by those studying Irish history.""-Book News


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