O' Donovan Rossa Funeral Souvenir Programme Centenary Edition

Sinn Féin have reprinted an updated limited edition of the original 1915 souvenir brochure for the O'Donovan Rossa Funeral 

Looking for a way to advance their cause Thomas Clarke was informed of the death of veteran Fenian Jeremiah O' Donovan Rossa and ordered John Devoy to "Bring his body home",

Not allowed to congregate for mass meetings the Irish Volunteers were allowed to attend Religious services and funerals.
Clarke asked the relatively unknown Padraig Pearse to give the graveside oration. When asked how far he should go the answer was " Throw caution to the wind and make it hot as hell."
This will be a collectors item featuring the original content from 1915.
Join us for the Sinn Féin re enactment of O'Donovan Rossa Funeral assemble Dublin City Hall 1pm Sat 1st August 2015.
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