Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, - An American Slave


First published in the United States and Ireland in 1845, this book dealt a mortal blow to American slavery. Its author, an escaped slave, arrived in Ireland for a four-month lecture tour as the country was descending into the nightmare of the Great Famine.


Ireland embraced Frederick Douglass with an openness that transformed the young African-American, His encournter with Daniel O'Connell left an indelible impression on his worldview. He departed Ireland an internationalist, determined to oppose injustice and oppression wherever he encountered it and retained a life-long respect and affection for Ireland.


A recognised founder of the Civil Rights Movement, Douglass is considered a hero by leaders such as President Barack Obama.


This unique and expanded edition includes letters and speeches from Ireland.


Royalties go to Concern Worldwide's Haiti programme.

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