Irish London during the Troubles by Seán Sorohan


The myth of return was sacred to the majority of the Irish who left the 'ould sod' to work in post-war Britain. Generally, this dream was left unfulfilled, and several English cities became their permanent homes, leaving them as the largest 'ethnic minority' in Britain. This book focuses on Irish experiences in the most popular destination for Irish emigration in the 20th century: London and the southeast of England during the times of "The Troubles." Over 30 original interviews - with first generation and second generation emigrants born in the English capital - bring to life the experiences of Irish Londoners. The book offers an analysis of the under-explored theme of the formation of a coherent ethnic community among the emigrants, through such organizations as the Catholic Church, the Gaelic Athletic Association, and County Associations. With powerful insight into Irish emigrant life in London, it also analyzes the divisions and differences within the community along class and gender lines.

ISBN 9780716531036


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