Councillor Eddie Fullerton: Visionary. Patriot. Martyr. By Gerry Adams (S)


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‘Councillor Eddie Fullerton: Visionary. Patriot. Martyr.’ By Gerry Adams

Donegal Councillor Eddie Fullerton was shot and killed by a UDA death squad acting in collusion with British state forces on 25 May 1991.

In his new Léargas publication ‘Councillor Eddie Fullerton: Visionary. Patriot. Martyr.’ Gerry Adams tells the story of Eddie from his birth in 1935, through his formative years in Inis Eoghan, his journey to Scotland and England, his marriage to Dinah and his return to Donegal.

The book recounts his activism as a Sinn Féin Councillor and his killing by the UDA. It also provides detail on the extent of British state collusion in his murder and the failure of the Irish government to challenge the British government’s cover-up of this.

Gerry Adams writes: “I was privileged to know Eddie. He was a friend. He was a proud Donegal man, and in public life a County Councillor. Eddie lived just outside Buncrana at Cockhill. He was married to Dinah. They had six children; Johnny, Marina, Albert, Amanda, Anita and Eddie.”

The former Uachtarán Shinn Féin describes Eddie as “enormously courageous, self-effacing, funny, and fearless, and tireless in his efforts on behalf of the people of Donegal and in defence of the people of rural Ireland. He was a visionary who understood the importance of planning for the future: whether that was standing up and arguing for Irish unity and against British violence in the North, or as an advocate for better housing and health provision, or for a reservoir to provide much needed clean water for the people of Inis Eoghain.”

This is the ninth publication in Gerry Adams Léargas series and a tenth will be published in June celebrating the activism of Fra McCann and Alex Maskey. In August a Léargas about Rita O’Hare will also be published.

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