Bóthar na Saoirse / The Road to Irish Freedom DVD


Bothar na Saorise ( The road to freedom ) TG4 series, shedding new light on the Irish revolution 1916-22. These documentaries examine the legacy of three iconic republicans who wrote their names into the annals of irish history. 3 DVD's Run Time 3 x 52min Dual Language

 My fight for irish freedom - Dan Breen

Guerilla days in ireland - Tom Barry

On another man's wound - Ernie O'Malley


 -"Any man that comes into my house or my country to try to take it over by force, I'm going to kill him and i'm not one bit sorry for it" 

Dan Breen

 He was Ireland’s most wanted man,  the IRA leader who helped start the Irish War of Independence. His best-selling book was the first inside story of the revolution. 

 "The british had gone down in the mire to destroy us and our nation and down after them we had to go"

 Tom Barry

West Cork IRA leader whose tactics were studied by Mao tse tung, Ho chi min, Menachem begin, Che Guevara.


 "I had given allegiance to a certain ideal of freedom as personified by the irish republic. It had not been realised except in the mind"

Ernie O'Malley

 The colourful life of Ernie O’Malley, man of action, traveller, author and intellectual, best remembered for the quality of his writing.





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