Hunger Strikes Celtic Cross (Bronzed)

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This stunning piece has been two years in the making and there arre only 300 in existence. The imagery and detail is top class, with different themes of the period depicted on every side of the piece.

These are exclusive to the Sinn Féin Bookshop and will not be reproduced in the future.

The cross is 12" (31cm) high and 5" (12.5cm) wide

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4 Reviews

Ciaran MacLochlainn 11th Aug 2015

Fitting Tribute

a truly fantastic piece of art work,a fitting tribute to the brave men and woman who gave all for Irish freedom.

mary 21st Feb 2013

unbelaveable work

This is a must have the work on the cross is a real work of art every bit so well done and put togather excelent ...

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