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People who love Ireland and its history like to surround themselves with memorabilia of their country and its history.

At http://www.sinnfeinbookshop.com you can pick and choose from anything and everything that takes your fancy. Let’s have a look at some of the items available.


If you like to read, our books will keep you entertained for hours on end. Whether you like Irish history, language books or like to find out more about the difference Irish women made, we’ve got it covered. If you’re not sure what to read, we’ve got staff recommendations.


If you’re a patriot and you would like to show your love for Ireland, have a look at the various badges you can pin to your lapel. There’s the “30th anniversary of the hunger strike badge”, the “Free Ireland” or the “Easter Lily badge” and many others.


We have flags, flags and more flags. The “Celtic Nations flag”, the “Connacht flag”, the of course the “Irish flag”.


We stock a 2014 republican calendar. This calendar is not only beautiful but educational as well as it shows pictures from various eras of the Republican struggle in Ireland. One person who bought this calendar stated that the calendar helped her understand her heritage.

Wood craft

If you’re looking for something to decorate your home or office, we have plaques such as the Bobby Sands Wood Plaque”, the “IRA Final Salute Wood Plaque” or the “Éamonn Ceannt Wood Plaque”, and others.

Bronze items

Our bronze items will lend warmth to your home. Proudly display the “Hunger Strikes Celtic Cross (Bronzed)”, the “James Connolly & Proclamation Bronze Plaque”, or the “H Block Martyrs Cold Cast Bronze Plaque”. There something for everyone in every price range.


Where it comes to T-shirts, we have a wide selection of colors and themes. For instance there’s a green “32 County Ireland”, a blue “Freedom T Shirt”, a red “Bobby & Che”, or a black “Remember The Hunger Strikers”. We also have a Sinn Féin Hoodie for when the weather gets colder.


Our glasswork is beautiful, elegant and easy to clean. There’s the round “Out Of The Ashes of 69 Arose The Provisionals Glass Plaque”, the H-shaped “H Block Martyrs Glass Plaque”, or the artistically crafted “Loughgall Martyrs Glass Harp”.


Our silky jerseys will keep you cool. Whether you’re into soccer, cycling or you’re looking for something for the gym have a look what’s on offer. There’s the “Limited Edition 2013 Dublin Winners Jersey”, the Long Kesh 81 Jersey, the “1916 Jersey” or the “Dublin Jersey”.


Whether you have that morning cup of coffee, a cup of tea after a long walk, or a cup of cacao before bedtime, pick your personal favorite from our selection of mugs. There’s a “Dublin - The City That Fought An Empire Mug”, a “Seven Signatories Of The 1916 Proclamation Mug”, a “Undefeated Army Wall Mural Mug”, and many more.


Whether you’re looking for something to wear to a party, to work, or just around the house, we have jewelry to suit your needs. Have a look at pendants, pin, rings, both for men and women.

At http://www.sinnfeinbookshop.com we also have DVDs, posters, a cute white and green umbrella, and much, much more. Have a look around, orders are generally dispatched within three days and we ship to anywhere in the world.